farm cheese
from raw
organic milk

Our products

Fresh, semi-dry, and dry little cheeses
Cheeses in shapes of logs, pyramids, hearts
Cottage cheese

The farm

60 alpine goats and 3 bucks bred with respect: no artificial insemination, the kids stay 2 months with their mother, no milking from January to March.
All our cheeses and cottage cheeses are handmade, with raw milk from our farm, and certified organic by an independent company (Bureau Veritas).
We grow 90% of goats' feed on our meadows around the farm. 800 m² of solar panels on our barn produce up to 100 kW of renewable electricity.

Markets and fairs

Saint-Benin-d'Azy farmers market Monday afternoon
Decize farmers market Friday morning
"Résistance" Nevers farmers market Friday afternoon
"Colibri" Rouy farmers market 3rd Sunday of the month
Château-Chinon fair 2nd Monday of the month
Moulins-Engilbert fair 1st Tuesday of the month
Corbigny fair 2nd Tuesday of the month

We also go to local flea markets
Sundays and holidays.

Find our products in the biweekly box
of the AMAP des Verdiaux in Decize.
amapdesverdiaux@gmail.com or +33 6 10 12 21 11.


Farm shop opened
every day 11h-13h and 15h-18h30,
closed on Fridays after 17h30.
3 route de Briffault 58250 Montambert
+33 6 14 15 71 37

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